1 On Jordan's river bank today
see John the Baptist stand;
a voice, to start without delay
the work that God has planned.

2 'Repent!' he calls, 'Come, be baptized!
Turn round, be clean, be free!
A greater prophet, called the Christ,
will quickly follow me.'

3 They gather, some from every town,
to wash away their sin;
they hear, believe, and soon step down
prepared for plunging in.

4 But look who now is walking near?
Is this the promised one
the Lamb of God among us here,
the Servant, and the Son?

5 He speaks no lie, no sin he knows,
no law has he transgressed;
his vibrant goodness overflows:
on him God's love shall rest.

6 With us he strangely takes his place,
for guilt, but not his own;
and soon for us he sets his face
to walk, to hang, alone.

7 The Judge will be put down with scorn,
the Saviour face the flood;
cursed is the King, and crowned with thorn,
baptized afresh, in blood.

8 From restless crowds to hideous cross,
Lord Christ, for us you came,
brought low, poured out, and risen for us:
all glory to your name!

Christopher Idle from Matthew 3
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 3812462