1 Once to every generation
comes the moment to decide;
in the clash of truth with falsehood,
all must choose and all must side.
On the rock of Christ's salvation
stands or falls each mortal soul;
and the choice goes by forever,
sealed in God's eternal scroll.

2 Truth in every generation,
fragile as a mountain flower,
looks afresh for faithful guardians;
who will speak in danger's hour?
When the enemy advances,
flooding in with lies outpoured,
in the breach we'll fight together
raise a standard for the Lord!

3 Saints in every generation
kept the flame of truth alive;
in the face of death, defying
thrones they knew would not survive.
Heroes of the cross of Jesus
win with him in this our day,
by his blood and by their witness
come and follow in his way!

4 Christ in every generation
greatest name the world has known;
teachers, thinkers, faiths and cultures
find their goal in him alone.
His the truth and his the kingdom,
at his cross our paths divide;
once to every generation
comes the moment to decide!

James R Lowell (1819 - 1891) adapted by Richard T Bewes (born 1934)
© Richard Bewes/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.
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CCL# 3208203