1 One beyond all, you
love us to call you;
what name will reach you,
what voice can teach you?
Hand cannot clasp you,
mind cannot grasp you:
where can we find you,
lost humankind?

2 No thought without you,
all words about you;
none were before you,
all things adore you,
silent or speaking,
circling or seeking,
groaning and longing
make you their song.

3 One sign has shown you,
one heart has known you;
one way was pointed,
one Son anointed:
crowds gathered near him
eager to hear him;
who has received him,
who will believe?

4 Manger-wood held him,
tree timber killed him;
when metal nailed him,
iron impaled him:
stone has concealed him,
garden revealed him;
God has upraised him,
all heavens praise!

5 Here is our ending,
outcasts befriending;
here our beginning,
losers are winning:
now we shall name him,
love and proclaim him;
end our disorder
Jesus our Lord!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3812479