Our chief inspiration, our primary purpose
is knowing and loving you, God of us all:
one Trinity merciful, holy, immortal:
our joy is to hear and respond to your call.

Our mainspring of action, our constant endeavour,
to trust in your promises, keep your commands:
to serve and to suffer, to rise and to witness;
to place every burden in your mighty hands.

Our daily delight, our unswerving direction,
first hidden in secret, then openly shown:
to worship with listening, and pray with thanksgiving,
to live in your presence and make your truth known.

Our prime motivation and permanent challenge,
the pages of Scripture, the Spirit within;
when you are denied or opposed or avoided
by us or our neighbours, our battles begin.

One Father of glory, one Jesus the Saviour,
one Spirit of life giving birth from above:
one God all-creating, redeeming, indwelling,
all praise for your faithfulness, wisdom and love.

Christopher M Idle (b.1938)
© Christopher M Idle, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 12 11 12 11 (WAS LEBET, WAS SCHLEBET)