1 Our God, supreme and good,
how richly you have loved!
But nations die for lack of food
and are we still unmoved?

2 While human lives are lost
in misery and fear,
shall we complain about the cost
of all our comforts here?

3 So many face their death
by famine, flood and war;
yet we, their neighbours, spend our breath
in crying out for more.

4 So keen to eat and drink,
so anxious what we wear!
Our God, reverse the way we think
and teach us how to share.

5 Show us we dare not wait
when desperate voices call;
save us from sending help too late,
too grudging, and too small.

6 You made your purpose known
by one rejected man;
the earth his bed, a cross his throne,
new life for all, his plan.

7 So for your world we pray
through Jesus Christ, your Son;
give us the bread we need each day:
on earth, your will be done.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 1030425