After Psalm 90

1 Our home through every passing age,
our ever-living Lord;
no ancient hills were set in place
nor planets spun in time and space
before your day, O God!

2 To you a thousand years go by
as if they were a day:
yet in what seem a few brief hours
our lives, which blossomed bright as flowers,
will fade and fall away.

3 Have we incurred your anger, Lord,
And is your judgement due?
You know the reasons we invent
for gifts abused and years misspent -
we stand in awe of you.

4 Teach us how precious are the time
and talents we employ;
return in mercy, Lord, we pray,
pour out your kindness day by day
and fill our hearts with joy.

5 Make up for seasons robbed of peace
by wastage or distress;
supply us and our children, too,
with grace that takes the things we do
and crowns them with success.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 86886

Tune: DWELLING PLACE (John Turl)
Suggested alternative tune: EMILY'S SONG (Norman Warren)