1 Praise God for windows! Greet the day
that fills our Wortham skies with light!
Each colour moves some heart to pray
and thank God for his gift of sight.

2 When darkness comes, we meet again
as light shines out beyond the trees,
across the field and farm and lane
to point to higher things than these.

3 These sculptured pews, this patterned flint,
the tower's strength, the organ's tones:
let each convey some telling hint
of God, to all who tread these stones.

4 What names, what lives recorded here,
of faith and work from earlier days!
What memories we have to share,
of those who heard and sang God's praise!

5 Our kith and kin, our foe or friend,
the neighbour, stranger, rich or poor:
here were they born, or found their end,
came in and out by that same door.

6 Some may have stumbled, some have strayed
but found God's grace to pardon sin;
we mark the tracks that they have made
and as they finish, we begin.

7 God grant that we may lift our eyes
beyond the past or present view;
for all that shall be, let us rise
with Christ, the light that makes us new.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
Permitted Variant: In other places where the hymn would be appropriate, amend the second line appropriately


CCL# 3812510