Praise the Lord for his creation:
for the pattern and the plan
forming out of light and stardust
since the universe began.
Praise him for our planet's story,
wind and water, fire and earth,
ceaseless change and constant cycle
bringing sparks of life to birth.

Praise the Lord for his creation:
all that grows that's green and free,
grass and flower and crops for harvest,
healing herb and fruiting tree.
Creatures of the land and ocean
swim and crawl and run and fly:
praise for gifts of breath and movement,
heart and brain and ear and eye.

Praise the Lord for his creation:
we are fashioned by his hand
in our mother's womb in darkness,
cell by cell and strand by strand.
Praise him for our human reason,
skill to search and know and tell
nature's secrets, and through knowledge
care for God's creation well.

Jennifer Wakely
© Jennifer Wakely, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 8 7 8 7 D

CCL# 5592522