1 Praise the Lord! My soul is singing
And my lips are filled with praise,
Mindful of his love and mercy
And the wonder of his ways:
Pardon, health and life he gives me,
Constant strength in him is found,
All my days he satisfies me,
By his grace my life is crowned.

2 Praise the Lord! For he is faithful,
Sparing us though we transgressed;
He it is whose zeal for justice
Brings relief to all oppressed;
He made known his deeds to Israel
And to Moses showed his ways:
Swift to pardon, slow to anger,
Full of mercy and of grace.

3 Praise the Lord! Though we provoke him,
He restrains his angry hand;
We are surely not rewarded
As our countless sins demand:
Higher than the height of heaven
Is his grace to those he loves,
Farther than the far horizon
Our transgressions he removes.

4 Praise the Lord! For, like a father,
Well he knows how we are made:
Frail as grass or meadow flowers,
Quick to grow and quick to fade;
But his grace from time eternal
Rests on those who fear his name,
And to all who keep his covenant
He is evermore the same.

5 Praise the Lord, you mighty angels,
Who at once his word fulfil!
Praise the Lord, you hosts of heaven,
Who perform your Maker's will!
Praise the Lord, all things created
Through his measureless domains!
Praise the Lord, my soul is singing,
Praise the Lord who ever reigns!

Mollie Knight (1917 - 1993)
© The Representatives of the late Mollie Knight / Jubilate Hymns
8 7 8 7 D

CCL# 2286886