1 Praise the Lord our God, praise the Lord;
praise him from the heights, praise the Lord;
praise him, angel throngs, praise the Lord
praise God, all his host!

2 Praise him, sun and moon, all the stars;
praise him, sky and clouds, rain and snow;
let them praise his name, works of God
all creatures, praise the Lord!

3 Praise him, wind and storm, mountains steep;
praise him, fruitful trees, cedars tall;
beasts and cattle herds, birds that fly
all creatures, praise the Lord!

4 Kings of earth, give praise, rulers all;
all young men and girls, praise the Lord;
old men, children small, praise the Lord
all people, praise the Lord!

After Psalm 148, Richard Bewes (born 1934)
© Richard Bewes/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 2789929