Praise to the Lord, the one true God -
the Father, Spirit, Son;
the God of gods, the Lord of lords,
revealed as Three in One.

Praise for this planet where we live,
its beauty and its form,
the sun and rain, the mountain, plain,
the sunset and the dawn.

Praise for salvation - gift of God,
salvation - full and free;
the cross of Christ! Love's sacrifice!
God's gift to you and me.

Praise for repentance, faith and love -
God's gracious gifts within;
he opens eyes, our old self dies
and cleansed is all our sin.

Praise for the new life Jesus brings -
the gift of God's new day;
God's power shown! true freedom known! -
the freedom to obey.

Praise for the promises of God -
strong anchors for the soul;
rich nourishment, encouragement
to reach towards the goal.

Brian Black (b.1926)
© Brian Black, administered by The Jubilate Group
Metre: 8 6 8 6 (CM)
Suggested tune: CREATOR GOD