1 Prayer is the soul's supreme desire
expressed in thought or word;
the burning of a hidden fire,
a longing for the Lord.

2 Prayer is the simplest sound we teach
when children learn God's name;
and yet it is the noblest speech
that human lips can frame.

3 Prayer is the secret battleground
where victories are won;
by prayer the will of God is found
and work for him begun.

4 Prayer is the Christian's vital breath,
the Christian's native air,
our watchword at the gates of death;
we enter heaven with prayer.

5 Prayer is the church's glorious song,
our task and joy supreme;
we name our Lord in every tongue,
and praise is all our theme.

6 Jesus, by whom we come to God,
the true and living way,
the humble path of prayer you trod,
Lord, teach us how to pray.

Jubilate Hymns version of 'Prayer is the soul's sincere desire', James Montgomery (1771 - 1854)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3286270