1 Redeemer and Lord of the earth,
all creatures are made by your hand,
you brought every people to birth,
our nature you well understand.
And you have a heart for the poor,
the prisoner, the outcast, the slave;
you see us and know us, and more, 
you work for our good, and you save.

2 New plagues have infected our race;   
old warfare brings chaos and harm: 
but peace is a gift of your grace
as storms are succeeded by calm.
For justice the nations cry out,
for healing and freedom and food;
we join in their heart-rending shout
that evil shall give way to good.

3 Lord Jesus, you share every grief,
you call every sufferer to come:
your cross gives forgiveness, relief,
and wisdom to know our true home.
Have mercy, our Saviour, we pray,
through tragedy, failure and pain;
make us your co-workers today
till all the earth welcomes your reign.

Christopher Idle

CCL# 7184922