1 Redeemer Christ, you called the Twelve
to heal the sick, and say
"The Kingdom has come near to you:
make room for God today!"

2 O wounded, dying, risen Christ,
let us not pray in vain:
stretch out God's finger in our midst
to cast out fear and pain.

3 Redeemer Christ, you told the Twelve,
"Far greater works you'll do
than I have done, because I'll send
my Father's gift to you."

4 Come, Spirit of the living God,
our Advocate and Guide;
help us to share Christ's ministry
and stand close by his side.

David Mowbray (b.1938)
© David Mowbray, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre / Suggested tune: CM (8 6 8 6) / ALBANO

CCL# 6132668