1 Remember your Creator now
while days of youth remain,
before the joyless days shall grow
in darkness, fear and pain.

2 Desire shall fail and weakness come
to halt our stumbling feet;
we go to our eternal home
and mourners tread the street.

3 With dimming lamps and fading songs
the body sinks in death;
the dust returns where it belongs
as God recalls our breath.

4 As all beneath the sun stagnates
in bondage to decay,
in pains of birth God's world still waits,
in hope his people pray.

5 God's children soon shall be revealed,
from all frustration freed,
their travail ended, sickness healed,
and Christ their Lord indeed.

Christopher Idle from Ecclesiastes 12
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3241868