1 Rest in God, our God most mighty
thanks and praise to him belong;
from the Lord comes our salvation,
he remains our strength and song.
none but he
waits, our rock and shield to be.

2 Trust no more in doubtful riches,
part with those who work deceit:
God himself is our rewarder,
throned upon his judgement seat.
Mercy waits
at his gates
for each one who falsehood hates.

3 In the past the Lord has spoken
through his prophets and the law,
shining lantern for our journey,
where no path was known before.
Hope again!
Fears are vain
God's renewing power is plain.

4 Glory be to God the Father,
glory be to God the Son,
glory be to God the Spirit
ever Three and ever One.
Trust God still,
do his will;
hold to him through good and ill!

After Psalm 62, David Mowbray (born 1938)
© David Mowbray/Jubilate Hymns
8 7 8 7 3 3 7 Trochaic

CCL# 959569