1 Return to face your God!
Your sin has made you fall;
return, and make your prayer to him:
'O God, forgive us all!'

2 Return to face your God!
Begin again to learn
the Lord alone can rescue those
with nowhere else to turn.

3 Return to face your God!
Give him your promised praise;
the Lord is just and merciful,
and true in all his ways.

4 'I bring my people back;
I lead them by the hand,
and I will be to them like rain
upon a barren land.

5 I bring my people back;
like trees they shall take root,
majestic, fragrant, fixed and firm,
and bearing sweetest fruit.

6 I bring my people back;
their idols they destroy,
and I will be their hope and strength,
their shelter and their joy.'

7 To God the Father, Son,
and Spirit, be all power,
dominion, worship, thanks and praise
henceforth for evermore!

Christopher Idle from Hosea 14
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd