1 Roar the waves, the waters praising
God who saves; and from beneath
creatures rise in shapes amazing
to our eyes - he gives them breath:
God who set the planets blazing
holds us yet in life or death.

2 Cries a bird at break of morning -
music heard when life began;
Christ was there at day's first dawning,
Son to share a Father's plan:
Jesus, born our hope and warning,
shall return - the Son of Man.

3 Sing the trees, the branches calling
in the breeze; the Spirit's song
sweeps the grass, the flowers falling.
Look! he passes all along:
wind of God whose strength appalling
mocks the proud and bends the strong.

4 Sound the praise of God the Father,
voices raise to Christ the Son;
in the Spirit Christians gather-
speak his merit everyone:
not in vain words glory - rather
tell again what God has done!

Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/admin The Jubilate Group
8 7 8 7 8 7 Trochaic

CCL# 3853919