1 Safe in the hands of God who made me,
what can there be that I should fear?
God is my light and my salvation,
strong is his help when foes are near.

2 This I have prayed and will seek after,
that I may walk with God each day;
then will he give me his protection,
no trouble shall my heart dismay.

3 God of my life, my Lord, my master,
father and mother now to me:
come, shield me from the threat of evil,
open your hands and set me free!

4 Teach me your way and lead me onwards,
save me from those who do me wrong;
give me the grace to wait with patience,
help me to trust, hold firm, be strong.

After Psalm 27, Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
9 8 9 8

CCL# 3209910