1 Saul of Tarsus planned it:
break the church by force!
till the Lord of glory
met him in mid-course;
blinding him at noonday
Christ confronts his foe,
all his pride and passion
suddenly brought low.
Christ is with his people
when their blood is shed;
those who wound the body
wound the body's Head.

2 That Damascus journey
showed the man his Lord;
brought a brother's welcome,
sacrament and word.
When the Lord's opponent
calls upon his name
all the past is over,
all its sin and shame.
Christ is with his people,
flooding them with light,
in his love baptizing,
giving back their sight.

3 Paul the new apostle
preaches now with joy
truth which he had fiercely
laboured to destroy.
God the Father's purpose
in the Son is shown;
from the Holy Spirit,
power to make it known.
Christ is with his people
as they all make plain
his renewing mercy,
his dynamic reign.

4 Some from every city
now with opened eyes
turn from death and Satan
and in Christ arise.
In his church advancing
let us serve today;
those who see the vision
dare not disobey.
Christ is with his people,
hope of every race,
Lord in every language,
King in every place.

Christopher Idle from Acts 9
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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