Seated on a donkey, Jesus came to town;
entering the city, king without a crown.
'Who is this; who comes thus?' was the widespread cry;
countered by the affirmation, 'Glory from on high!'
Seated on a donkey, Jesus came to town;
entering the city, king without a crown.

Near the Mount of Olives was a donkey's foal,
Jesus sat upon it , knowing well his role;
while the ass, unbroken, calmly let him ride,
over cloaks and palm-tree branches, through the country side.
Seated on a donkey...

Followers of Jesus shouted with delight
'Praise the Son of David, praise him in the height;
coming in the Lord's name is our mighty king.
Glory in the highest heaven, glory let us sing!'
Seated on a donkey...

'Who is this? We're puzzled,' asked the city's horde;
'Jesus, he's the prophet whom we call "the Lord,"
Nazareth, his home town, up in Galilee;
Shout "Hosannah in the highest," he's no Pharisee.'
Seated on a donkey...

Then, into the Temple, strode the gentle king;
there, within the precincts, healed the suffering.
Racketeers, false traders, these he banished fast,
while the scribes and priests and leaders gazed on him, aghast.
Seated on a donkey...

Finally they pleaded 'Stop your chanting crew;
blasphemy they utter, when they speak of you.'
Jesus looked upon them, fighting back his tears.
'Why do you not listen to them. Still you close your ears.'
Seated on a donkey...

Then at last he warned them; 'if these were to cease
offering their homage to the prince of peace;
should they now by silent, stifling their praise,
all the stones would cry out loudly and their voices raise.'
Seated on a donkey...

We recall, with gladness, that amazing scene,
when the world's Messiah; Christ, the Nazarene,
came to Salem's city; place of high renown;
prophet, priest, and king almighty; to receive his crown.
Seated on a donkey, Jesus went that way.
Glory and Hosannah on this holy day.

Michael Saward (b. 1932)
© Michael Saward / admin. The Jubilate Group
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