1 See the rising sun appearing
as our God becomes a man
and, with radiance, grace and healing,
brings to birth his sovereign plan.
Countless conflicts shall be ended,
sorrows stilled and sins forgiven;
where the storms of strife abounded
God pours out his peace from heaven.

2 Hear the holy angel greeting
shepherd-folk near Bethlehem;
night is visibly retreating
as God's splendour falls on them.
With that spectacle of wonder
breaks a new, transcendent dawn -
for the Saviour, loving, tender,
Christ the Lamb of God is born.

3 Come and enter with the wise men
where the infant Jesus lies -
he who made the star that guides them
set its course across the skies.
Watch them humbly kneel before him,
bringing incense, myrrh and gold;
with their hearts and strength adore him,
Gift whose worth cannot be told.

4 For the baby in the manger
came to Earth that Christmas Day
not to stay a distant stranger
but to take our guilt away.
So we celebrate the story,
sing to Christ once crucified,
risen now, our Lord of glory,
seated at his Father's side.

words © Emma Turl / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd

Suggested tunes: WELCOME JESUS (John Turl); RUSSIAN AIR (Hymns for the People); THERE'S A LIGHT UPON THE MOUNTAINS (M L Wostenholm)

CCL# 5781704