1 Send us, O Lord, to live lives to your glory,                       
filled with your power to labour to your praise. 
Fire us with zeal to share the gospel story                        
and strive to build your kingdom all our days.                

2 Grant us resolve to live up to our calling,                         
following you with greater works of love,                        
gifts freely used, without excuse or stalling,                                 
to do your will here as in heaven above.                           

3 Fed and refreshed with bread for daily living,      
serving like you, we’ll take the lowest place,                   
each one in Christ, forgiven and forgiving,                                   
renouncing pride that we may live by grace.                   

4 Guide us, O Lord, and keep our steps from straying        
far from the way on which we have begun.         
Heeding your voice heard in our daily praying,    
we ask that your will, not our own, be done.                  

5 Send us, O Lord, and be our inspiration                            
for every deed we do and word we say.                            
Body and soul we give in dedication                                             
to live for you, Lord, each and every day.

words © Geoff Lyon / Jubilate
administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd