1 Send out the gospel! Let it sound
northward and southward, east and west;
tell all the world Christ died and lives
he gives us pardon, life and rest.

2 Send out the gospel, mighty Lord!
Out of this chaos bring to birth
your own creation's promised hope:
the coming days of heaven on earth.

3 Send out your gospel, gracious Lord!
Yours was the blood for sinners shed;
your voice still pleads in human hearts
let all the world to you be led.

4 Send out your gospel, holy Lord!
Kindle in us love's sacred flame;
love giving all with heart and mind,
for Jesus' sake, in Jesus' name.

5 Send out the gospel! Make it known!
Christians, obey your master's call;
sing out his praise! he comes to reign,
the King of Kings and Lord of all.

Jubilate Hymns Version of Send forth the gospel! Let it run, Henry E. Fox (1841 - 1926)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 1046529