1 Shout for joy!
Rejoice in the Lord, every nation!
Shout for joy!
In his praise unite;
serve the Lord with all jubilation,
come before him, singing with delight.

2 Know that he,
the Lord, is our God and he made us;
know that he
is the God who reigns,
who in joy and praise has arrayed us:
we are his, the flock he feeds and tends.

3 Bless his name,
and enter his gates with thanksgiving!
Bless his name,
fill his courts with praise;
sovereign Lord of all that is living:
sing his praises all your earthly days.

4 For the Lord
is good, showing mercy and favour;
for the Lord's
loyal love is sure;
and his truth and faithfulness ever
shall unchanged from age to age endure.

David G Preston (born 1939) from Psalm 100
© David Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3836132