1 Shout with joy to God, all nations,
Sing the glory of his name;
Praise with loudest acclamations!
His tremendous deeds proclaim!
All his foes in fear and trembling
Bow beneath his mighty arm,
While all earth with joy assembling
Sounds his praise in song and psalm.

2 Come and see, with awe and wonder,
See displayed the power of God!
As he held the waves asunder
Israel crossed the sea dry-shod;
Praise him, then, with jubilation,
Who for ever rules by might,
Keeping watch lest any nation
Dare contest his sovereign right.

3 Praise him, who has stood beside us
And not let our footsteps slide!
In the fires of life you tried us
Till, like silver, purified:
You sent fierce affliction to us,
Conquerors trampled on our head,
Yet through flame and flood you drew us
And to peace and freedom led.

4 Whole burnt offerings I shall render
In your temple, as I vowed
To my God, my sure defender,
When by trouble I was bow Fat burnt offerings I shall proffer,
Sacrifice of rams ablaze:
Bulls and goats to you I'll offer,
To declare my heartfelt praise.

4A What thank-offering shall I render,
My most solemn vows to pay,
Made to you, my strong defender,
When I faced the evil day?
Here I offer on your altar
All I am and have to do;
May my purpose never falter,
All my life be spent for you.

5 Come and listen, all who fear him,
Hear what God has done for me:
With my praises I drew near him,
And poured out my urgent plea;
Had I cherished sin within me,
God would not have heard my prayer ;
Praise him for the answer given me:
In his gracious love and care.

Psalm 66, David G. Preston
© D.G. Preston/Jubilate Hymns
8 7 8 7 D Trochaic

CCL# 3284289