Silent no longer, the trumpet is sounding:
turn in your tracks, the Lord's prophet declares.
Cease to do evil and cherish all goodness!
God looks for justice no less than our prayers.

Urgent its music, the trumpet is warning:
village and city, the small and the great.
Riches can blind us to others' misfortune,
neighbours be left to their own helpless fate.

Bold and persistent, the trumpet is blowing:
God bids us care for the homeless and poor.
All who lack clothing and hope of employment,
widows and orphans who pass by our door.

Listen - and act - while the trumpet is sounding
hear what the prophets and Jesus still say.
Do what is just and be generous with mercy;
rise up, walk humbly with God from today.

David Mowbray b 1938
© David Mowbray / Jubilate Hymns
11 10 11 10

CCL# 3759343