1 Sing praise to Christ the child,  
the infant in the manger:   
for God was born on earth,  
no more to be a stranger;  
   to bear his people’s pain  
   God entered his creation,  
   and gave himself in death 
   to win the world's salvation. 
2 Sing praise to Christ the man,  
our teacher, friend and brother,  
whose kindness shows us how  
to care for one another;  
   whose love embraces all,  
   inviting and forgiving;  
   whose selfless life provides  
   the pattern for our living.   
3 Sing praise to Christ the Lord,  
majestic in his mystery,  
transcending time and space,   
unique in all of history:   
   all other claims to power  
   must yield in awe before him;  
   let heaven and earth bow down, 
   and every heart adore him!   
6 7 6 7 D  

words © Martin Leckebusch / Jubilate, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd