Sing of the God who spoke
across the void of space,
whose word unleashed the awesome power
that set the stars in place,
and whose direct command
made darkness yield to light,
and spun the threads of time itself,
the flow of day and night.

Sing of the God who spoke,
enacting all he planned:
the shaping of the ocean depths,
the sculpting of the land;
and sing how life on earth
arose at his decree -
the common grass, the orchid rare,
the stately, flowing tree.

Sing of the God whose voice
gave countless species birth:
unnumbered creatures, ranged across
the landscapes of the earth;
then sing of God's delight
in all his hand has made:
the vastness of the Maker's skill
abundantly displayed.

Sing of the God whose care
first formed the human race
as creatures born to nature's realm
yet made for Love's embrace;
and still we hear God speak -
the call is always there:
to treat God's glorious handiwork
with thoughtful, reverent care.

Martin E Leckebusch (b.1962)
© Martin E Leckebusch, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 6 6 8 6 D (DSM)

CCL# 6616713