Sing to God, whose loving mercy
hears the cry of those in need
and through purposeful compassion
heals the wounds of those who bleed.
We recall the battered traveller
by the road to Jericho,
who was saved by tender caring
on that journey long ago.

Sing to God, whose loving mercy
met a woman wracked with guilt,
one whose life was soiled and sullied
yet, whose richest perfume, spilt
on the feet of Christ the healer,
showed him not a heart of stone.
We recall his tender caring
as she sobbed, forlorn, alone.

Sing to God, whose loving mercy
faced the thousands, hungry, tired:
touched a youthful heart, providing
bread and fish, as was required.
We recall Christ's tender caring
and his followers, who obeyed;
they, in faith, saw baskets bulging,
and God's powerful grace displayed.

These, and many others like them,
face the anguish and the pain
of a lifetime's hard injustice
and humanity's disdain.
Glory, then, to God, whose servants
share the gospel Christ decreed,
and, like them, with full compassion,
joyful, sing to God indeed.

Michael Saward b. 1932
© Michael Saward / Jubilate Hymns.

8 7 8 7 D

CCL# 4052049