Sing to the great creator's praise!
   Come, celebrate all his ways;
   his glory and his power displayed
   in ev'rything he has made.

1 Celebrate his mighty pow'r,
for he spoke and the worlds began;
earth below and the heavens above,
and the farthest galaxy we can scan.
...Sing ...

2 Celebrate his beauty, too,
for he made ev'rything so fair:
changing seasons and varied designs,
and the burst of colours ev'rywhere!
   Sing ...

3 Celebrate his endless love,
for he gave us the life we live.
Ev'ry breath that we breathe is a gift
of a God whose nature it is to give.
   Sing ...

Brian Hoare (born 1935)
© Brian Hoare/Jubilate Hymns Ltd