1 Sing to the Lord, a song that's new
Sing to the Lord, in all the world,
Sing to the Lord and bless His Name,
Daily His saving power I'll sing,
Tell of His splendour, tell all lands,
Tell to mankind His marvellous works.

2 Great is the Lord, all praise to Him
Hold Him in awe, above all gods,
They are but powerless images,
Mighty, He made the universe,
Honour and majesty are His,
Beautiful is His holy place.

3 Bow to the Lord, all tribes on earth,
Bow and confess His glorious might,
Bow, give the glory due to Him,
Enter His courts with offerings rare.
Worship within His holy walls,
Tremble before Him, men of earth.

4 Say to the nations, 'God is King,
Grounded in Him the world remains,
Fairly He judges all mankind'.
Sing, then, you heavens; echo, earth!
Thunder, you sea and all within!
Land, and its dwellers, shout His praise!

5 Then shall the trees rejoice and sing
Welcoming Him who comes to men,
Justly the people He shall judge
Righteous and true, His verdict sure.
Sing to the Lord, in all the world,
Sing to the Lord a song that's new.

Paraphrase of Psalm 96, Michael Saward (born 1932)
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns.
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