1 Soldiers of the cross, arise
clothed in shining armour bright:
mighty are your enemies,
hard the battle you must fight.

2 In a faithless fallen world
raise your banner to the sky;
let it float there, wide unfurled,
bear it onward, lift it high.

3 Where the shadows darkest fall,
there display the saving sign;
where our shameful crimes appal,
let the light of Jesus shine.

4 Guard the helpless, seek the strayed,
comfort troubles, banish grief;
in the strength of God arrayed
scatter sin and unbelief.

5 Keep the banner still unfurled,
still unsheathed the Spirit's sword,
till the kingdoms of the world
are the kingdom of the Lord.

Jubilate Hymns version of 'Soldiers of the cross, arise', William Walsham How (1823 - 1897)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd
7 7 7 7 Trochaic

CCL# 1046691