Soon comes the time of the archangel Michael,
prince and protector through storm cloud and strife;
great the distress but far greater the mercy
promised to all found in God's book of life.

All who have slept in the dust shall be woken,
some to disgrace, some to laughter and light;
those who are wise will be shining in glory,
those who win souls, like the stars in the night.

Till then the world will be seething in turmoil,
knowledge expanding, but wisdom most rare:
seasons and years which are known to the Father,
mysteries unfolding for all in his care.

Then comes the end, the last prayer, the last preaching,
sealed in his book till the last of the days:
thanks be to God for each page from his prophets,
praise for his words, for his wonders be praise!

What is our part in this drama of heaven,
warnings of judgement and windows of grace ?
Watching and witnessing, suffering and loving,
serving our king till we meet face to face.

Christopher Idle b.1938
© Christopher Idle / Jubilate Hymns

11 10 11 10
Suggested tune: O QUANTA QUALIA
Based on Daniel 12