Spirit of God, creation's power,
transforming shapeless space;
dynamic from the primal hour,
you poured out love and grace.

Spirit of God, at work in all,
refreshing history.
You motivate both great and small
with skill and artistry.

Spirit of God, prophetic source,
unveiling heaven's truth
through Christ, whose patient moral force
amazed both age and youth.

Spirit of God, at Pentecost,
surprising Greek and Jew
with tongues of flame you sought the lost,
the whole wide world in view.

Spirit of God, your people's light,
awakening our search;
point us to Christ, our great delight,
revitalize your church.

So we rejoice, God's holy dove,
foreseeing Paradise;
and now await, moved by your love,
that final great surprise !

Michael Saward
© Michael Saward / Jubilate Hymns

CM (8 6 8 6)