1 Stars and planets sing your glory,
God of might and God of love;
time and space proclaim your story
written in the realms above.
All the beauty of the cosmos,
summoned by your great command
gathered shape; while out of nothing
matter formed, as you had planned.

2 Power beyond our wildest dreaming:
forces weak and forces strong
melded in the cosmic streaming
when the universe was young.
Out of chaos, spheres and orbits
found their form through ages long:
and creation's still unfolding
in a great ongoing song.

3 Here on earth a mighty wonder
brought about life's earliest trace,
basis for both plants and creatures,
and in time, the human race:
Though we've grown in understanding
sin has torn this earth apart,
pitched against it we were helpless,
captive to our wayward hearts.

4 So the God who shaped the cosmos
set aside all power and might;
came, a humble human baby
in the darkness, God's own light:
taught us through his life of loving
how he would redeem our race,
by the death and resurrection
of the God of time and space.

Trevor Thorn
© Trevor Thorn, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 8 7 8 7 D

CCL# 7051539