Stars by night were shining
over a cattle-shed
where a babe, reclining,
slept in a manger bed.
Yet brighter far
than starlight in the sky,
God with us, our Saviour,
Jesus is Lord most high.

Angel choirs were singing
praises to God above,
and to shepherds bringing
news of his gift of love.
This is his Son -
we marvel at his birth:
Mary's child, our brother,
treasure of priceless worth.

Simeon is waiting
for the anointed One;
Anna stands relating
all that the Lord has done.
Here they rejoice
to see the infant brought,
dawning light of nations
now in his temple court.

Heaven-sent and glorious,
promised from ages past,
Christ will rise victorious,
conquering death at last.
First he must die
sin's captives to release -
welcome our redeemer,
Prince of eternal peace!

V3 is recommended for Epiphany and Candlemas and can be omitted otherwise.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 66664666 / Suggested tune: NOEL NOUVELET (15th century French melody)