1 Strong in Christ, our great salvation,
called to be his new creation,
Christians, sing in celebration,
living by our faith.
Saints of old were led and guarded,
famous names or unrecorded,
all alike in God rewarded,
living by their faith.
All who love and fear him
learn by faith to hear him,
in distress his name confess,
believing it an honour to be near him.
He who chooses this world's bruises
knows that in Christ he never loses
gaining more than he refuses,
living by his faith.

2 Abraham inspired a nation
searching for a sure foundation,
made his God his destination,
living by his faith.
Moses left his power and pleasure,
Egypt's wealth that none could measure,
finding God a greater treasure,
living by his faith.
Many more were hated,
driven out, ill-treated;
facing death they kept the faith
and sang about the glory that awaited.
No derision, pain, or prison
ever destroyed their heavenly vision;
we with them say 'Christ is risen!'
living by our faith.

Christopher Idle from Hebrews 11
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns
8 8 8 5 D. 6 6 7 11. 8 9 8 6.

CCL# 3815988