1 Thank you, O Lord of earth and heaven,
thank you for all your love has planned;
thank you for food and daily blessings,
gifts from your ever-gracious hand.

2 Thank you for such a great salvation,
mercy as boundless as the sea;
thank you for love which died to save us,
love which gave all to set us free.

3 Thank you for means of grace and guidance,
gifts of your Spirit, strength divine;
thank you for word and prayer and symbol,
food for our souls in bread and wine.

4 Thank you for that blessed hope of glory,
great day when Christ shall come again,
day when, in perfect love and justice
he in his majesty shall reign.

5 Grant us, because of all your mercies,
lips which proclaim our thanks and praise;
lives which, in loving glad surrender,
serve and adore you all their days.

6 Glory to God our heavenly Father,
glory to Jesus, God the Son,
glory to God the Holy Spirit,
glory to God the Three - in - One.

James Seddon (1915 - 1983) From A General Thanksgiving E Reynolds (1599 - 1676) © Mavis Seddon/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 1022244