1 Thanks be for Doctor Luke,
Disciple of the Way,
Who wrote the universal book
That speaks to us today:

2 That speaks of Pentecost
The day of wind and flame
When power was given to all Christ's friends
Who gathered in his Name.

3 Of how from place to place
The glorious Gospel spread:
News of the One who died for all,
Christ risen from the dead.

4 Of known and unknown saints
Who wakened to God's call;
Of Peter, Philip, James and Mark,
Of Stephen and of Paul.

5 Of how they bore reproach
And won the martyr's crown,
Who went with courage to the world
And turned it upside down.

David Mowbray (born 1938)
© 1992 David Mowbray/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 2697468