1 The Lord is king! Lift up your voice,
O earth, and all you heavens, rejoice;
from world to world the song shall ring:
'The Lord omnipotent is king!'

2 The Lord is king! Who then shall dare
resist his will, distrust his care
or quarrel with his wise decrees,
or doubt his royal promises?

3 He reigns! You saints, his praises sing:
your Father reigns, your God is King!
holy and true are all his ways
let every creature sing his praise!

4 God reigns! He reigns with glory crowned:
let Christians make a joyful sound!
And Christ is seated at his side:
the man of love, the crucified.

5 Come, make your needs, your burdens known:
he will present them at the throne;
and angel hosts are waiting there
his messages of love to bear.

6 One Lord one kingdom all secures:
he reigns, and life and death are yours;
through earth and heaven one song shall ring:
'The Lord omnipotent is king!'

Jubilate Hymns version of 'The Lord is king, lift up thy voice', Josiah Conder (1789 - 1885)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3101685