The Lord of life is here today,
the Spirit now has come to stay;
our Father, give us grace to say,
'Come, Lord, come!'

Draw near to us as we draw near
to you in reverential fear;
O may your word be strong and clear!
Come, Lord, come!

From heart and mind let prayer ascend;
on you, O Lord, we can depend
that you will hear your praying friend:
Come, Lord, come!

We want to thank you from our hearts
for all the gifts your grace imparts,
for this is where true worship starts.
Come, Lord, come!

Let praises rise in heart and voice
and may your people now rejoice
in making you their life's first choice.
Come, Lord, come!

Help us to grow in holiness,
your love and joy and peace possess,
your uncondit'nal love profess.
Come, Lord, come!

Lord Jesus, grant that worship due
results in lives that honour you;
our hearts, our minds, our wills renew!
Come, Lord, come!

Brian Black (b. 1926)
© Brian Black / admin. The Jubilate Group
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Tune: Lambeth

CCL# 5339840