The Lord said to my Lord:
"Sit down at my right hand,
until I put beneath your feet
your foes throughout the land."
The Lord extends from Zion
the sceptre you shall wield:
assume your rule at his command
and all your foes shall yield.

Your people make themselves
an offering free and glad,
the day you lead your forces out
in holy armour clad.
As morning's fertile womb
brings cool, refreshing dew,
Your youth shall flow in all its strength,
untiring, ever new.

The Lord has sworn an oath
which he will never break:
"You are a priest for evermore
like King Melchizedek."
The Lord's at your right hand:
his day of wrath draws near
when he will crush rebellious kings
and end their proud career.

His judgement will descend
upon the nations soon,
the bodies of their royal dead
across the earth be strewn.
By water from the brook
his strength will be restored;
and so he'll hold his head aloft,
the Conqueror and the Lord.

from Psalm 110
© David Preston / admin The Jubilate Group