1 The Lord who made the mountains
and fashioned humankind,
reveals his thought and shows to us
the purpose of his mind:
he turns the night to morning,
his breath is wind and flame;
he moves in power across the world
and holy is his name.

2 When thunder shakes the forest
whose spirit feels no fear?
When God declares his mighty word
who dares refuse to hear?
Do lions roar for nothing
when all the sky grows dark?
Does sudden ruin wreck our hopes
unless it is God's work?

3 The distant stars and planets
trace out a vast design;
the sun and moon obey the laws
of One who makes them shine:
he lifts the tossing waters
and pours them on the earth;
and God who saves and judges us
controls our death and birth.

4 He calls us to his kingdom,
reclaims us from our sin,
and guides our feet to find the way
that we may enter in:
our guilt is here forgiven,
and ruined lives restored;
for none who trust him shall be lost
so speaks our sovereign Lord.

5 To God the Father, glory!
To God the Son be praise!
To God the Spirit, worship now
and through eternal days!
Let angels in the heavens
and those redeemed by blood
with songs of gratitude and love
adore the living God.

Christopher Idle from Amos
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
7 6. 8 6. D

CCL# 3816080