1 The Spirit came, as promised,
in God's appointed hour;
and now to each believer
he comes in love and power:
and by his Holy Spirit,
God seals us as his own;
and through the Son and Spirit
makes access to his throne.

2 The Spirit makes our bodies
the temple of the Lord;
he binds us all together
in faith and true accord:
the Spirit in his greatness,
brings power from God above;
and with the Son and Father
dwells in our hearts in love.

3 He bids us live together
in unity and peace,
employ his gifts in blessing,
and let base passions cease:
we should not grieve the Spirit
by open sin or shame;
nor let our words and actions
deny his holy name.

4 The word, the Spirit's weapon,
will bring all sin to light;
and prayer, by his directing,
will add new joy and might:
be filled then with his Spirit,
live out God's will and word;
rejoice with hymns and singing,
make music to the Lord!

James E Seddon (1915 - 1983)
© Mrs M Seddon/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.
7 6 7 6 D

CCL# 3255751