1 The sun went down on Jacob's grief
and night found him alone;
his guilt and fear had no relief,
his pillow was a stone:
but God in darkness came, and kept
his word of grace supreme,
to give new courage while he slept,
new wisdom in a dream.

2 For Jacob in his sleep was shown
God's messengers on high
the angels moving up and down
a stairway to the sky;
he heard the voice he scarcely knew
of One whom none can see:
'I will protect and be with you,
and you must trust in me.'

3 Our fathers' God grants us to share
the way that Jacob went;
the upward path is now made clear
in Christ, our one ascent:
our eyes and heart and soul and mind
awake to see his face,
as in the desert tracks we find
the Lord is in this place.

4 God's love is our security,
the past has been forgiven,
and every resting-place can be
the very gate of heaven:
our Saviour's promise makes us strong
to face the barren ways;
our bitterness is turned to song,
our sorrow into praise.


Christopher Idle from Genesis 28
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3816121