1 The victory of our God is won
and all creation sings!
Four living creatures round the throne
acclaim the King of kings;
the elders bring their crowns to him
in worship day and night
while cherubim and seraphim
sing praise in burning light.

2 Then all believers in the Lord
combine in perfect praise:
the patriarchs who know their God,
with saints of ancient days;
the twelve apostles of the Lamb,
the prophets in their place,
the white-robed martyrs praise his name
and glory in his grace.

3 The Christians of these later years
shall not be missing there:
the pastors and the pioneers
who wrestled with despair;
the churches where ten thousand pray,
the groups of two or three
the angels hear them sing that day
how Jesus set them free.

4 All glory to the Lamb who died
and rescued us by blood,
the Saviour who was crucified
to bring the world to God!
Let all who witness to his word
from every tribe and tongue
sing 'Holy, holy, holy, Lord'
in everlasting song.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 1560562