1 The wise may bring their learning,
the rich may bring their wealth,
and some may bring their greatness,
and some their strength and health;
we too would bring our treasures
to offer to the king:
how shall we greet our saviour,
what presents shall we bring?

2 We'll bring the many duties
we have to do each day,
we'll try our best to please him,
at home, at work, at play;
and better are these treasures
to offer to the king,
than richest gifts without them -
yet these we all may bring.

3 We'll bring him hearts that love him,
we'll bring him thankful praise,
and lives for ever striving
to follow in his ways;
and these shall be the treasures
we offer to the king,
the gifts that now and ever
our grateful hearts may bring!

© in this version Word & Music / The Jubilate Group

CCL# 2996145