1 They who stand in awe of God
are happy, Hallelujah,
they whose joy is in his word
are happy; hallelujah,
they are upright, they are just,
powerful heirs will follow them,
wealth and riches shall be theirs
sing glory! hallelujah!

2 In the darkness, they remain
bright-shining Hallelujah,
generous, merciful, and just,
bright shining; hallelujah,
honest in their business life,
known for their integrity,
steadfast, they will be renowned
sing glory! hallelujah!

3 Trouble cannot frighten them,
they trust God, Hallelujah,
they can conquer every fear,
they trust God; hallelujah,
freely to the poor they give,
theirs the justice that is sure,
honour is their true reward
sing glory! hallelujah!

Paraphrase of Psalm 112, Michael Saward
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
7 7 7 7 D Trochaic

Tune: Psalm Praise 120, by Norman Warren

CCL# 3196669