1 `This do', the Master said,
`This Sacrament repeat,
My Body and My Blood
In holy symbol eat.
To this great feast
I will invite,
and here unite,
Both great and least.'

2 Don't come, if you would boast
Your knowledge and your might,
Don't come, if you refuse
To serve the Lord of Light.
But those whose sin
Has been confessed
May take their rest
And join herein.

3 For you, whose sin He bore
A promise He provides,
His covenant He makes
And at His board presides.
His Sacrifice
He'll not repeat,
But take and eat,
And count the price.

4 One loaf, one body, we,
One family divine,
In sweet communion feed
Upon that Bread and Wine.
The Great High Priest,
Until He come
Has now become
Our heavenly feast.

5 Then lift your Church to heaven
Where hunger is no more,
And through eternity,
O Christ, we shall adore.
So make us share
In glad embrace
Your matchless grace,
Both here and there.

Michael Saward
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 961090